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Executive & business coaching

Member of the Institute for Leadership & Management

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Executive coaching


Offers a confidential space in which you can review your role and priorities, reflect upon your strengths and deepen your understanding of the systems within which you operate. You may also wish to consider the internal and external blockages that hinder progress and develop strategies and action plans for moving forward.


It can be particularly helpful:

  • at times of change, for example if you have recently taken on additional responsibilities;
  • if you are faced with stressful or difficult situations;
  • if you are feeling stuck in a rut, struggling to find ways to move your career forward.

My role is to build a focussed, professional empathic relationship with you in which you feel safe to talk at depth about what really matters to you.


Business coaching


Focusses on the opportunities and challenges facing you and your business, clarifying your overall vision, identfying current and future priorities, developing strategy and being clear about your measures of success.


I will work with you to identify key issues, develop clear, realistic goals and support you to make the changes you want to make. You will be in charge of the agenda throughout, while I will guide the process.


 “I turned to Steve when I realised that a number of issues were stopping me moving on in my professional life. Steve provided the calm, listening ear that I needed. He helped me find clarity, focus and ultimately enabled me to rediscover my self-confidence and drive.”

J. 2014


My fees for work-related executive and business coaching are negotiable, based upon your role, what you wish to work upon, how the coaching is to be funded and where you wish to meet.


Next steps

If you decide to contact me, I will arrange an initial face to face meeting with you, which can be at my private consulting room in Sheriff Hutton, near York, at your place of work (provided you can arrange privacy), or at another venue of your choosing. Frequency, length and number of subsequent sessions we have together, whether face to face, by skype or phone, will be based on what you wish to change and what will work best for you.