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My approach

All the work I do is concerned with enabling change, learning or development to take place.


When I work with an individual, couple or a small group of people as a counsellor, coach or supervisor, the primary means I use for achieving change are the relationship between myself and the client(s) and the exploration and dialogue we undertake together.


When I work with larger groups or organisations, as a trainer, coach or consultant, I sometimes offer models or approaches, alongside facilitating dialogue through structures, typically designed to address key questions relevant to the purpose of our work together.



Key influences

In the formative years of my career I learned about and practiced therapeutic work at three levels; individual, group and community; while working in residential and day-time therapeutic communities. The awareness, skill and knowledge I developed then were rooted in a mix of humanistic and psychodynamic perspectives.


As a therapeutic practitioner (counsellor and coach) I have continued to evolve my own personal style. Although its roots remain within my original training, I have learned to bring more of my own feeling, thinking, sensing and intuitive responses into the dialogue: a greater use of myself-in-the-moment. I have also been influenced by some recent innovations, for example in the neurosciences, meditation and mindfulness practice.


As a supervisor, the Cyclical Model, which Val Wosket and I created in the 1990’s, continues to form the foundation of my supervision approach. I understand my role as supervisor to be one of co-creating supervision “space” in which collaborative reflection can lead to new ways of “knowing” about the work under exploration.


When working as an executive and business coach I draw on my considerable experience of working at a senior level as a strategic leader in the voluntary and higher education sectors, as well as my experience of successfully running my own practice as a business.