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Personal counselling and coaching

Executive and business coaching


Training and consultancy

The services I offer


For simplicity I group the services I offer into four sets:


Personal counselling, psychotherapy and coaching - where the client wishes to focus on themselves as a person.


I include in this category work with couples who wish to address difficulties they are having together or find ways to enhance their relationship.     


Executive and business coaching -  where the focus is on developing the work-role the client undertakes or the business they run (or wish to set up).


This often includes exploration and analysis of the client's current situation and the context within which they are working from different perspectives, moving on to identifying strategic priorities and action planning.      


Supervision - provides a space for the supervisee to reflect upon aspects of their work, in order to develop their awareness, knowledge and skills, be supported in their work and ensure they are meeting appropriate standards.


In some professions (such as counselling and coaching) supervision is a requirement or expectation of professional bodies. Some practitioners in other fields choose to seek out supervision for their own learning, development and support.


Training and consultancy


Training involves the development and delivery of a programme intended to enhance the awareness, skills and knowledge of those taking part.


Consultancy involves working with a client (typically an organisational client) to understand their needs and then designing and implimenting an intervention or series of interventions to achieve their desired change or outcome.  


Working "on-line"


Many of my clients work with me face to face, usually at my consulting rooms as this provides a quiet, safe space, away from the usual demands of life or work.


For some this is not possible due to distance, travel difficulties or other commitments. I regularly work with a number of clients using both Skype and phone and am happy to work with you using these communication mediums if you wish to do so.


Wherever possible, I recommend having an initial face:face meeting – we are social beings and in my experience generally have a better overall ‘sense’ of another person when we have had 'in the same room' contact.


It is important to be aware that there is a small risk of interception associated with any information or dialogue that is transmitted using technology provided by a third party provider (software such as Skype, internet service provider, telephone company, etc.).


If you want to explore these options please let me know.