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Coaching and counselling clients

Below are a few examples of what coaching and counselling clients have said about my work:


Having worked with Steve for four months, he helped me get through a very challenging time and make an extremely difficult decision. His calm, thought-provoking approach enabled me to see a clear path ahead. I honestly couldn’t have made this difficult decision with such confidence without him and would highly recommend to anybody!’ T. (2022)


I came to Steve with a newly developed work-related anxiety that I could not shift, and could not understand. It was beginning to affect my sense of self with feelings of inadequacy, of imposter syndrome. Steve responded to my need to focus on this area. With Steve’s acute observations, insights and intuition I was able to gain some understanding around the sources of that anxiety in a therapeutic relationship that was both challenging and compassionate.’ J. (2021)


'Steve has been a breath of fresh air for me. He worked as my coach for a few months and helped me to see the clarity I needed to make some positive personal and professional decisions. He is a great listener with a unique approach, his ability to listen and hear what is being said enables him to ask the right question at the right time and takes unconventional, yet effective, approaches which create fresh ways of thinking and led to positive action for me. Thanks Steve'  S. (2021)


‘I have found Steve to be a wise, warm and supportive coach. In my experience he brings an unparalleled depth and breadth of human understanding into the coaching space, and the quality of the space that he creates is exquisite.’ PW. (2016)


'Steve has skills outside the traditional coaching arena and so he was able to hold a space larger than if he were just a coach. Knowing this enabled me to explore areas outside the traditional coaching boundaries with the awareness that Steve was comfortable in both holding the space and facilitating this.

This was particularly useful as my journey through this time involved lots of internal work and reflection with changes happening both internally and externally. I felt comfortable, safe, free to express myself, and share in depth with Steve.

Ifound value in having Steve as a coach and I feel grateful that Steve was able to 'walk with me' on this part of my journey.' GM. (2015)


"Steve transfers his vast experience of counselling and supervision brilliantly to his coaching, which is both insightful and generous.  He is also an expert supervisor and supervisor of supervisors! '  CL. (2014)


“I turned to Steve when I realised that a number of issues were stopping me moving on in my professional life. Steve provided the calm, listening ear that I needed. He helped me find clarity, focus and ultimately enabled me to rediscover my self-confidence and drive.' J. (2014)



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