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Working while the Covid-19 pandemic continues


I am currently working face to face with some clients, while I continue to work with other clients online, mostly using Zoom. If you would like to discuss how this works please get in touch.



I hope you find the information you are looking for on this web-site, but if you do not, or you want to discuss what you are looking for in more detail, please contact me and we can have a conversation.


I have grouped the information on the site into what I hope is a helpful arrangement for most readers:

  • Services, describes the different ways that I work with clients. You will find more detailed information on the ‘services’ page.
  • About me, sets out information about me that I hope will help you decide whether you are confident that I have the necessary training, experience, approach and knowledge for your needs.
  • Contact, offers you email and phone options for making contact quickly.
  • Location, describes where I am based. However, we do not have to be restricted by the limitations of geography and access as I regularly work with clients around the UK, Europe and beyond, mainly using Zoom.
  • Resources, I have developed a number of resources, usually for training programmes, that I make available for use at no cost.

If you decide that I am not the person to offer you what you are looking for, then I wish you well on your journey,






"I came to Steve with a newly developed work-related anxiety that I could not shift, and could not understand. It was beginning to affect my sense of self with feelings of inadequacy, of imposter syndrome. Steve responded to my need to focus on this area. With Steve’s acute observations, insights and intuition I was able to gain some understanding around the sources of that anxiety in a therapeutic relationship that was both challenging and compassionate."


J. (2021)



2021 interview with Nick Bolton about Shadow and supervision: click here

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