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Coaching supervision

I supervise a number of coaches on their client work. This provides a private space in which to reflect upon the challenges, deepen your understanding of the relational dynamics at play, explore the complexities of the organisational context of your coachee and plan for future meetings with your clients.


In this work I draw on my own training and experience as an executive and business coach, my considerable experience of supervising a wide range of practitioners on their work with other people and my work experience in operational and strategic management roles. Sometimes coaching supervisees also find it helpful to be offered a psychological perspective on spects of their work.


Whilst supervision rightly has a moderating function, I find in practice that this seldom comes to the fore. More frequently I am encouraging coaching supervisees to trust their instincts to deepen and open out their work with coachees. 


To arrange an intial free meeting or conversation, please contact me.