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Clinical supervision

I use the term 'clinical supervision' to describe supervision of practitioners with a  professional therapeutic role, for example counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, bodywork therapists, art therapists or alternative health practitioners.


As in all the supervision work I undertake, my primary focus is upon developing a stong working alliance with you in which you feel supported and respected as a fellow professional. This creates the foundation for our exploration together of the client work you are doing and your growth as a practitioner.


In clinical supervison there is generally the additional dimension of the professional requirements the practitoner has to meet, which may be in your training process, your accreditation or registration requirements or more generally your accountability to a code of ethics. I view this as a collaborative focus, which we will address as a source of learning for us both.


I work with a number of trainees, qualified and experienced practitioners and also some who bring issues from their supervision of other practitioners.


I offer clinical supervision face to face, generally in my Sheriff Hutton consulting room, and also by phone and skype where access or distance may present some challenges.


To arrange an initial free meeting or conversation, please contact me.