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PLEASE NOTE: at the moment I do not have spaces to take on any new supervisees - I will change this message when I do.



In all my supervision I offer a confidential space to explore the work you are doing with others in a helping role. The purposes of supervision are to enhance your work with others, to develop your skills, capabilities and understanding in your helping role and to support you in your work, sometimes by addressing unwelcome impacts of your work upon you.


I will work with you to develop a safe, open dialogue in which we can examine your work compassionately and creatively, within the context of your professional field. I use the cyclical model of supervision, which I have developed with Val Wosket over the past twenty years, and draw on a wide range of understandings to inform my interventions.


My supervision experience spans thirty eight years and my supervisees have included: counsellors, coaches, psychotherapists, bodywork therapists, chaplains, disability advisors, service managers, group facilitators, team leaders, head teachers and other education and therapy providers. I also supervise some practitioners on the supervision work they undertake.




Qualified practitioners employed by an organisation: £50 per hour.


Self-employed practitioners, whichever is higher: £50 per hour, or the hourly rate you charge your clients.


Trainees: £40 per hour. 


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